Coney Island Balloon Glow

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Coney Island comes alive at the 17th Annual LaRosa’s Balloon Glow on Sunday, July 3!

What could be better?! Live music, family entertainment and Coney’s Classic Rides make for a fun-filled evening. Bring the whole family as this is an event for kids of all ages. Along with music, entertainment and rides, we add a few special attractions to make this a memorable night for all. The evening sky will illuminate when hot air balloons of every color “glow” for all to see. You won’t see anything else like this in the Cincinnati area! The grand finale for the event is a spectacular Fireworks display over the banks of Lake Como! This an event you do not want to miss. Plan your 2016 Balloon Glow now!

Coney Island Balloon Glow Coney Island Balloon Glow Coney Island Balloon Glow

Want to make Balloon Glow an all-day adventure? Come see the new Typhoon Tower and enjoy Sunlite Pool and Waterslides. Sunlite Pool will be open until 9:30pm for swimming. The pool area will remain open for fireworks viewing.

Coney Island’s Classic Rides will stay open until 11:00pm.

Don’t just stop by at night, play all day and relax at night to enjoy the 17th Annual Balloon Glow!

There is no charge (other than parking) to view the balloons and fireworks. Normal rates apply for Sunlite Adventure and Coney’s Classic Rides.

Traffic Note: Due to the fireworks and safety regulations, all vehicles parked though Gate One will not be permitted to leave the park from 9:45pm until the fireworks are over. Gate 3 will remain open.

Coney Island Balloon Glow Coney Island Balloon Glow

Schedule of Events

5:00-9:00pm – Q102 Live from Moonlite Mall

7:00pm – Live Music at the Moonlite Square Gazebo

8:00pm – Balloon Glow in Moonlite Mall. See glowing hot air balloons fill the evening sky with dazzling colors!

10:00pm – Fireworks puts on a beautiful display over Lake Como!

Coney’s Classic Rides will be open until 11:00pm!

Coney Island Balloon Glow Coney Island Balloon Glow

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