Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend Photos

Check out our Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend photos taken at Sharonville Convention Center. Let us know if you are interested in having any professional photos done for your next event.

What is Cincinnati HorrorHound Weekend?

HorrorHound Magazine presents a series of mid-west Horror Conventions in such cities as Cincinnati, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana! Fans are able to meet some of the biggest celebrities in film and television, as well as icons from cinema’s past. Celebrities meet and greet with fans, sign autographs participate in photo-ops (prices apply in many aspects of these appearances), and often appear on-stage for a Q&A. Along with celebrity signings, fans can shop for the latest, or rarest, horror toys, t-shirts, posters, displays, VHS/DVD/Blu-rays, masks and other assorted goodies from our 100-plus amazing vendors – many times including actual film studios, filmmakers, toy companies and DVD distributors. Movie premieres and screenings are included with every show via the HorrorHound Film Festival, costume contest, as well as special events. You can also stop by and say hi to the HorrorHound Magazine staff, all while picking up the latest issue – or our convention-exclusive issues (a popular item for attendees)! After hours events include concerts, movie screenings, live stage events and parties! Our next event – HorrorHound Weekend: Cincinnati – takes place at the Sharonville Convention Center! More surprises are in store – to help make this the largest and most exciting horror event the mid-west can remember. Check back often for updates and information!

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What are the hours of the Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend?

Friday: 5pm till 10pm. Saturday: 11am till 7pm. Sunday: 11am till 5pm. Early access passes are available in limited supply (including with a VIP pass purchase) which grants those individuals access to the show an hour earlier on Friday (4pm) and Saturday (10am) only.

Are Autographs Free?

No. The main reason the celebrities are doing the convention (instead of actual film work or time off to spend with their family) is because of the financial return these shows deliver. Some celebrities attending may sign for free, but nothing is guaranteed.

How much are Autographs?

Prior to the show, HorrorHound has no way of knowing what autograph pricing will be. The value is chosen by the individual talent and/or their management. Generally pricing is set between $20 and $40, but can go higher, depending on the celebrity. If discovering exact pricing is extremely important, check out your local horror chat board or Facebook page and see if anyone has past history with specific guests.

Are autographs included with a HorrorHound Weekend admission ticket?

NO! Prices are determined by the celebrity. See above.

Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend

Are all Celebrities guaranteed to be in attendance?

NO! Celebrities are contracted to attend all three days of the show, however, due to emergencies, illness or sudden scheduling conflicts relating to filming work, celebrities are known to cancel out of conventions. The promoters try to avoid booking stars with potential conflicts, however, sometimes these events are unavoidable. We suggest frequent visits to the event Web site, forum and facebook page to keep track of who is coming, and isn’t. DO NOT PURCHASE tickets for one guest as refunds will not be given due to a guest cancelation.

Am I guaranteed to meet any celebrity with a paid HorrorHound Weekend ticket?

No. Much like a theme park ticket – you are purchasing a ticket to receive access to everything HHW has to offer, including panels, photo-ops, film screenings, 100-plus vendors, parties, and 30-plus celebrities in attendance. In some cases, a celebrity could be in attendance who has a much larger demand (such as a Norman Reedus or Robert Englund) and a ticket line queue is offered – and may be known to reach capacity. We encourage fans to locate the celebrity they most wish to meet and attempt to secure their autograph first. Please: do NOT purchase HHW tickets for one guest as refunds will not be given due guest signing reaching capacity. *The only way to GUARANTEE meeting a celebrity is with a VIP pass, which generally includes a line-cut ticket to meet our higher-demand guests.*

Should I rely on the Celebrity to have items to sign?

Most guests carry a number of photographs, or in some cases posters and other odd memorabilia for sale. Do not rely on this, however, as every fan attending the convention for the sole purpose of autographs should at least bring one item from home to get signed.

Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati Horrorhound Weekend

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